Wedding Celebrations at "Vedas"



Sacred Rituals

No other institution or event embraces and reflects the social, spiritual and emotional values and ideas of people as does a Wedding ! The delicate intricacies of the occasion, the nervousness of the bride and seriousness of the groom makes for an intense and emotional backdrop where families, friends and the whole community celebrate, to make the wedding, an unforgettable experience for all. Vedas celebrates this sacred occasion that reflects India's diversity in its myriad rituals and styles even when its purpose for eternity, always remains the same


Indian wedding celebrations are very affluent and necessitate several rituals and customs. Indian weddings carry out diverse intricate events and are acknowledged for the engrossing plethora of music, lip-smacking cuisine and color. Food and beverages play a significant role in this case. Therefore, to have preeminent catering service on this auspicious event is a necessity which cannot be avoided. We, at "Vedas" have the best of services to cater to our clients. We keep our promise and our catering department looks after all the arrangements related to food and beverages. The catering service team with executives, supervisors, stewards and bartenders take utmost care of the event and as per requirement, come up with mouth-watering food.

Global Cuisine by Vedas

A good spread exalts our senses in more ways than one. Its aroma beckons us, its look invites us closer, its array urges us to try it all and of course the taste lingers, far beyond our imagination... Behind this promise of stimulating all your senses and creating an unforgettable culinary experience at your special occasion, stand our highly experienced and decorated team of master chefs and hospitality renowned for providing delectable global cuisine since the last 3 decades.

Vedas offers service excellence and the highest standards of food quality and safety from their FSSAI complied Modern kitchen making your celebration truly memorable !

Making sure your guests carry back tasteful memories of :

  • Glorious Decorations
  • Global Cuisine
  • Rich Traditions
  • Joyous Festivities
  • Royal Radiance
  • Sacred Rituals
  • Imperial Grandeur
  • Majestic Alliance
  • Regal palate
  • Opulent Tastes
  • Royal Destinations